Working Title Farm is …

Working Title Farm is an artist’s collective, a home and support system for authors, singer/songwriters, musicians, and visual artists. Publishing books under the Working Title Farm imprint of River’s Edge Media, producing stage shows, creating interactive projects such as Trio, five year-long exhibits of words, music, and visual art, and producing records is the every day work happening on the back side of Howard’s Knob. 

The mountain itself provides a refuge, a scenic place to create for Working Title Farmers who are writing or editing their next book or working on their next record.  It serves as a meeting place for co-writing projects and a safe nest for nurturing new productions. 

Working Title Farm is pine boards and Pendleton blankets, Frazier firs and the running waters of Doe Creek, fifteen bird feeders covered in rose breasted grosbeaks in summer and woodpeckers of every variety in winter. It’s does and their yearlings coming to the corn left for them on the coldest days. It’s Michael’s fresh baked bread and Nicole’s pies. It’s “can you listen to this and tell me what you think?” It’s Gibsons and Taylors and Martins and the occasional Alvarez on guitar hangers waiting to be played, waiting to be part of the next new song. It’s reds and golds and the perfect burnt orange in October and the cleanest and purist and softest white in January.  It’s framed pictures of sitting in the Mother Church to see Radney at the Opry and the dinners we share when we’re together. It’s live edge wood and pajama pants. It’s laughing at Eric, marveling at his talent, and being grateful for his heart.

Working Title Farm is listening to and nurturing our better angels, supporting and encouraging our family and our friends to find truth in their art, to believe that the next great work is in us, seeking its audience.