Working Title Farm Radio Hour

Like the millions that tuned in, week after week for forty-two years, to hear tales from a fictional town in the Northwoods, they’ll listen to songs and stories from Boone, North Carolina, this very real town in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Generations after generation has listened to the singers standing on the well-worn stage boards of the Ryman in Nashville, Tennessee. The Working Title Farm Radio Hour brings those singers to Boone.

Storytelling is how we pass down our history. We bring Southern authors on the show to read the words that sound like music when read aloud. The melody of Southern literature has always spoken to the American experience.

Hosted by Radney Foster, The Working Title Farm Radio Hour invites listeners and live audience members to “the mountain” to be, at least for a little while, a Working Title Farmer. You never know who is coming through the door. Grammy winners, Oscar winners, authors with Pulitzer Prize plaques hanging on their walls are gathered around the fire with fly fishing guides and Christmas tree growers. 

Everyone has a story to tell. And we can always find a song to go with it.