Festival Schedule

Tuesday, September 5th
Appalachian Theatre:
John Paul White
with Caleb Caudle and Weary Ramblers opening
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Wednesday, September 6th
Appalachian Theatre:
Jaimee Harris with Seth Walker opening
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Thursday, September 7th
Appalachian Theatre:
Mary Gaithier
withTribute to Lucinda Williams opening
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Friday, September 8th

In the wild” (amazing, original, free music all over Boone!):

10:30- Everybody’s Bruncheon Club– The Baldwin County Public Records Showcase featuring, Caleb Caudle, Eric Erdman, and Abe Partridge (VIP ticket holders get preferred seating)

South End Brewery
noon- Michael Cansler
one- Eddie Heinzelman
two- Grant Peeples
three- Lisa Morales
four- Mark Currey

Lost Province
noon-Liam Bailey
one-Mark Bumgarner
two- Chad Elliott & Kathryn Severing Fox
three- Colin Cutler

Venture Chocolate and Wine Bar
noon- Ericson Holt
one- Courtney Patton
two- Jason Eady
three- Ben Danaher
four- Tim Easton

The Local
noon- Hannah Bethel
one- Joshua Reilly
two- Justin Clyde Williams
three- Carrie Welling

The Appalachian Theatre:
Radney Foster
with Don Henry Opening
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Saturday, September 9th

“In the wild” (amazing, original, free music all over Boone!):

10:30 a.m.- Everybody’s Bruncheon Club– Ben Danaher, Jason Eady, and Courtney Patton (VIPs get preferred seating)

Lost Province
noon- Eddie Heinzelman
one- Lisa Morales
two- Grant Peeples
three-Joshua Reilly

Hole Lotta Donuts
noon- Michael Cansler
one- Mark Bumgarner
two- Michael Cansler
three- Abe Partridge
four- Carrie Welling

Wildwood Community Market
noon – Justin Clyde Williams
one- Mark Currey
two- Hannah Bethel
three- Michael Cansler
four-Tim Easton

noon- Lisa Morales
one- Grant Peeples
two- Chad Elliott and Kathryn Severing Fox
three- Ericson Holt
four- Liam Bailey

The Appalachian Theatre:
James McMurtry
with Eric Erdman opening
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